Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About My Good Friend "Amanda"...

A few months ago I pestered my good friend Amanda to send me a small story about herself. I am just now getting around to it ;( I think Amanda is neat person and a great writer. She's also very beautiful. Here is Amanda's story in her own words.

There's not a lot to tell about me. And I'm really kind of closed off from other people.

Basic story - I grew up in middle tn in a house built in the early 1800's. Actually, my bedroom was the original bedroom of the house and the previous owner at least had died in there in the 1920's sometime. Good bedtime story mom. Lol

I have a younger brother, and we had a semi normal childhood. Mom and dad were good parents. We mainly played outside, in the woods and creeks, as we lived on a dead end gravel road with no neighbors, except for our two cousins about a half a mile away.

I've been writing forever. I even wrote back then, and I have all my journals from age 5 and up. Stories and life happenings alike.

I've always attested that our house was haunted, hearing things, seeing things, feeling things. And my brother used to see The Man in the White Suit.

I'm attempting to get my engineering degree and will graduate this summer, but all I want to do is write and see my name in type and have people read my stories. That would be the best life of all. And for me to live off by myself somewhere in the woods or on a lake, I love the outdoors, and just not have to deal with people on a day to day basis. Except for perhaps my Demon. I don't mind him. And he keeps me sane most of the time.

My Friend "Martha"... Creature Seen This Time

I have written about Martha in a few other posts over the last several months. She is a important player in an ongoing investigation which surrounds strange sounds eminating from underground near her country home. As priviously reported, Martha and a few of her family members have heard machanical noises coming from a whole that measures 3 foot in diameter in an adjacent small field next to their home.
During a thunderstorm just nights ago "Harold"(name protected)was peeking through the kitchen window at lightening and dark clouds. To his amazement during one of the episodes of lighting, he saw a cloaked figure that stood at his estimation of around 2" 6" - 3'-0" crawl out of the hole. He did not notice any facial or other physical characteristics. He simply told me by phone that the being (whatever it was) was wearing a gray or black colored cloak that covered its head. He compared his creature to the characters "jawa" sometimes seen in the Star Wars movies.

I have tried to ensure Martha, Harold and other of their family members that if any real danger were involved that something sinister would most likely have happened to them long ago. However, I cannot be certain of that statement. I drove up to their place just this afternoon and left in their possession a disposable 35mm camera and a tape recorder. Hopefully over the next few weeks or months they'll be able to provide a little more concrete evidence.

Been Away...

Hello Everyone,

I have been offline for a while due an ongoing severe neck paign. I haven't felt like doing much but I'll be going into surgery next Tuesday for the "fix". Thanks so much for your "feel good" letters.