Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dogmen Warrior Bigfoot...

I spoke with my good friend Janice Carter (pictured above) yesterday and the topic of a "warrior class" existing within the bigfoot community arose. Now take note, I am not refering to the bigfoot community speaking of researchers and enthusiasts; I am speaking directly of the bigfoot themselves. Janice has been a center of attention for bigfoot activity all of her life but some greater head-way was made a few years back when she co-authored the book, "50 Years of Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence".
During one of lengthy conversations, the possibilities of bigfoot-type creatures having a "warrior class" built into their society arose in my mind. She stated most certainly that they did! Imagine that.
In fact, she said that they bigfoot warriors are akin to that of the Cheyenne Dogmen of times past. Also, that particular class of bigfoot doned themselves with face paint that was somehow mixed in a small vessel in the shape of an egg. The inside was hollowed out and the make-up applied with a skinnier more beveled stone directly to the face and body.
Additionally, she stated that they also used homemade weapons like flint-tipped spears, bolos, and the like.

Additionally, a rock found by Janice in Tennessee also depicts recently carved petroglyphs (see below). This could also help establish that the bigfoot have their own language but quite possibly archaic at best.

As much as I'd like it to be; none of this is shocking to me. Afterall, if we follow the concepts of bigfoot as being a forerunner to modern man, then them having a protective class within their society makes perfect since.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Condolences...

Our prayers are with my good friend Tuklo Nashoba who's sister passed away this past week. God bless you brother!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shrinking Man (Cordele, Georgia - 1942)

It is remarkable how older people in their 70's, 80's or 90's are reluctant to speak of strange phenomena that occured with them in their younger days. An elderly woman named Flo relayed this unbelievable incident that happened to both her and her new husband in the summer of 1942.
Flo and her new husband were living in her mom and dad's home in the small, cozy town of Cordele, Georgia. Having been to and through Cordele on many occassions, the town is eerily reminicent of the town of Mayberry as associated with Andy Griffith. There's onlt two or three gas stations, maybe two supermarkets and just a few traffic lights. Most people produce peanut crops in this area and farmland combined with forests/swamps are abundant. Even to this day, the people live "simple" there avoiding the conflicts seen in most big cities.
Being 16 and newly-weds, Flo and her husband awoke one morning to witness a strange man standing in the hallway of their home. After both of them being frightened to death and trying to discover the intentions of the stranger through asking him questions, the man slowly made his way into the bedroom all the while not uttering a word. Once he made it to the foot of their bed he smiled. Flo noticed the man had extremely white teeth and black eyes (no whites were showing). He then walked to the bedroom window and "shrunk" himself to a mere one foot in height. The small man climbed onto a tiny bookshelf located near the open window, crawled out, jumped down and ran off in to the nearby woods.

I really do not know what to make of "Flo's" story but she seemed VERY genuine as she told it. I had no reason to think she was lying. If you have comments or have heard of similar events such as the one above, by all means...chime in!

Bigfoot Sighting - Daviston, Alabama (May 2009)

Man living in Daviston, Alabama witnessed a bigfoot-type creature on May 4th, 2009. This is his account as he left it on our online report form (photo above NOT ACTUAL):

"Dear Mr Jeff,

I was outside on the morning of May 4 working on me tractors. I have 5 giant black cows. They were siting under the big tree next to my barn while I was working on my tractors. After about 30 minutes i realized that I had being seeing 6 black cows. When I stood up and looked out for a bit one of the cows stood up on two legs. Well. it was not a cow. It was dark black and hairy and was about 7 feet tall. it loooked like a man but with hair on it all over My boy found you website on the internet and we decided to tell you about this story. If we see anything else we want you to come and see it to "

I have not heard anything else from this witness; but I must say that I find it remarkable that a bigfoot would camoflouge himself among farm animals. Right in front of the witness above all things. I did email the witness back and tried to assure him that the bigfoot was probably just curious as to what he was doing (or working on). Though it is tough to tell by merely reading emails; bigfoot are not typically violent creatures unless you upset one or more of them.

Addendum (05.12.2009):

On the night of 05.11.2009, I was once again contacted via report form by "Zachary", the recently found to be 76 year old African-American man who witnessed a bigfoot seemingly laying with a small heard of black cows located on his small farm. He responded to an earlier email I had sent him. I wanted to know specifically what the bigfoot did once it stood up as he did not elaborate on this in his original report? It was really difficult for me to interpret what Mr. Zachary wrote due to run on sentencing, lack of puntuation, possible keyboard malfunctions and misspelled verbiage. But, I will attempt to re-write what he sent me just last night:

Mr. Jeff,

Once the bigfoot arose from the cattle, it stood there for a moment and simply stared at me. All of the while my dog was frozen at my knee side not making a sound. Not even a whimper! After some five to seven minutes of looking at each other, the thing(Mr. Zachary refers to the bigfoot as "a thing" throughout his correspondense because he could not determine if what he was observing was a monster or a man)casually strolled off into the nearby woodline. Once it got to the woodline, it took refuge behind a large pine with only its head peering out from time to time. It then walked further back into the forest until I lost sight of it.

Comments (05.12.2009):
I am trying to gain Mr. Zach's confidence so that he will allow me to investigate his farm in detail. I surmise that either 1.) He has had bigfoot near him all of this time but was unaware until a few days ago OR 2.) this could be the beginning of a genuine habituation situation.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Surgery Success!!

My neck surgery went well. Many thanks to all those who supported me through that difficult time. Now I need to heal.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About My Good Friend "Amanda"...

A few months ago I pestered my good friend Amanda to send me a small story about herself. I am just now getting around to it ;( I think Amanda is neat person and a great writer. She's also very beautiful. Here is Amanda's story in her own words.

There's not a lot to tell about me. And I'm really kind of closed off from other people.

Basic story - I grew up in middle tn in a house built in the early 1800's. Actually, my bedroom was the original bedroom of the house and the previous owner at least had died in there in the 1920's sometime. Good bedtime story mom. Lol

I have a younger brother, and we had a semi normal childhood. Mom and dad were good parents. We mainly played outside, in the woods and creeks, as we lived on a dead end gravel road with no neighbors, except for our two cousins about a half a mile away.

I've been writing forever. I even wrote back then, and I have all my journals from age 5 and up. Stories and life happenings alike.

I've always attested that our house was haunted, hearing things, seeing things, feeling things. And my brother used to see The Man in the White Suit.

I'm attempting to get my engineering degree and will graduate this summer, but all I want to do is write and see my name in type and have people read my stories. That would be the best life of all. And for me to live off by myself somewhere in the woods or on a lake, I love the outdoors, and just not have to deal with people on a day to day basis. Except for perhaps my Demon. I don't mind him. And he keeps me sane most of the time.

My Friend "Martha"... Creature Seen This Time

I have written about Martha in a few other posts over the last several months. She is a important player in an ongoing investigation which surrounds strange sounds eminating from underground near her country home. As priviously reported, Martha and a few of her family members have heard machanical noises coming from a whole that measures 3 foot in diameter in an adjacent small field next to their home.
During a thunderstorm just nights ago "Harold"(name protected)was peeking through the kitchen window at lightening and dark clouds. To his amazement during one of the episodes of lighting, he saw a cloaked figure that stood at his estimation of around 2" 6" - 3'-0" crawl out of the hole. He did not notice any facial or other physical characteristics. He simply told me by phone that the being (whatever it was) was wearing a gray or black colored cloak that covered its head. He compared his creature to the characters "jawa" sometimes seen in the Star Wars movies.

I have tried to ensure Martha, Harold and other of their family members that if any real danger were involved that something sinister would most likely have happened to them long ago. However, I cannot be certain of that statement. I drove up to their place just this afternoon and left in their possession a disposable 35mm camera and a tape recorder. Hopefully over the next few weeks or months they'll be able to provide a little more concrete evidence.

Been Away...

Hello Everyone,

I have been offline for a while due an ongoing severe neck paign. I haven't felt like doing much but I'll be going into surgery next Tuesday for the "fix". Thanks so much for your "feel good" letters.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bigfoot Peekaboo

or go to: for a larger view.

Sparta, Tennessee Wildman - c.1878

I travel through Sparta, Tennesee quite a bit. I found this article particularly interesting:

“A Wild Man" --- [Louisville, Kentucky]

The wild man brought to the city yesterday by Dr. O.G. Broyler, of Sparta, Tenn., is truly a mysterious and wonderful creature. He will be exhibited throughout the country by Manager Whallen of the Metropolitan, who is a third owner in this remarkable being, who promises to successfully baffle all scientists who desire to give a satisfactory explanation of his unnatural appearance. Before entering into the details of his capture, which form quite a thrilling and interesting episode, a description of the curiosity which promises to excite more attention than Barnum’s “What Is It?” will be given. At a distance the general outline of his figure would indicate that he is only an ordinary man. Close inspection shows that his whole body is covered with a layer of scales, which drop off at regular periods, in the spring and fall, like the skin of a rattlesnake. He has a heavy growth of hair on his head and a dark reddish beard about six inches long. His eyes present a frightful appearance, being at least twice the size of the average sized eye. Some of his toes are formed together which gives his feet a strange appearance and his height when standing perfectly erect is about 6 ft 5 in. A nervous twitching of his muscles shows a desire to escape and he is constantly looking in the direction of the door through which he entered. His entire body must be wet at intervals and should this be neglected he begins immediately to manifest great uneasiness, his flesh becomes feverish and his sufferings can not be alleviated till water is applied. At times he is dangerous and yesterday morning when Mr. Whallen attempted to place him in a wagon in which he intended to bring him to the theater, it occupied some time. The strange creature acted in the most mysterious manner, refusing obstinately for some time to get into the wagon. He has quite a sharp appetite, having eaten a meal yesterday morning that would have fully satisfied at least four men. With the exception of fish, his meals are all prepared in the ordinary way, but the fish is eaten entirely raw. Dr. Broyler says that when alone he will sometimes mutter an unintelligible jargon which it would be impossible for anyone to understand, but that in the presence of visitors he remains perfectly silent. Yesterday afternoon from one to four a private exhibition was given, and a number of physicians were present, among them Drs. Brady and Cary Blackburn who said that he was a great curiosity. Dr. Blackburn said that his scaly condition could not be attributed to any skin disease, but undoubtedly he was born in that condition. He will be on exhibition in one of the private rooms of the Metropolitan Theater this afternoon and tomorrow between the hours of one and four o’clock.

Only physicians and those specially invited will be allowed admission. His exact age is not known, but for the past eighteen years he has been running wild in the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee, near Caney Fork and Big Bone Creek. He has been the constant terror of the community, although he was never known to attack anyone until the day of his capture. Dr. G.G. Broyler of Sparta, Tennessee, says that since the surrender of the Confederate Army it has been his intention to capture this creature and exhibit him throughout the country. The doctor says the parents of the wild man are respectable citizens of North Carolina named Croslin. That their son is unquestionably a mysterious freak of nature they did not deny, but they could not account for his scaly skin. At the tender age of five years, having always been possessed with a roving disposition, he left his home and plunged immediately into the mountainous region of Tennessee. Here he lived as best he could, subsisting on the products of the country, such as roots and herbs and small animals that he could capture. When in the water he was in his element. He would dive down into the depth of the inland lakes, remaining under water for a considerable length of time, and finally emerge with both hands filled with small fish, which he would devour at once in the raw state. Dr. Broyler says that until about eighteen months ago he had not attempted the capture, although he had been watching the creature’s actions for the past twelve years. About the 15th of September he started into the mountains fully determined to succeed in the capture.

Louisville Courier Journal

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sounds from The Ground (The Third Report from "Martha" In Valley, Alabama)

My cyber friend "Martha" emailed me again this afternoon. From prior posts, Martha is an elderly young lady who has sounds coming from underground near here residence in Valley, Alabama, United States. Valley, Alabama is just a mere 45 minutes drive from my home but I cannot get Martha or members of her family to allow me to investigate.

Last night Martha and and her cousin (I am assuming they live together)taped on cassette some of the noises that they encountered around 10:30p while sitting on their front porch. I was not played the recordings and so I really can't vouch for anything anomalus. In the past, Martha has described mechanical sounds coming from under a field just beside her home. The sounds are those akin to a large machine digging or rotating. Sometimes she described metal-on-metal or a heavy thumping vibration that not only she has felt but other members such as her female cousin and a nephew.
Where ever Martha is, she's not giving up the location either a.) this whole episode that has been going for months now is not real OR b.) Martha and her family are scared shitless and DO NOT want to know the true origin of these strange auditory anomolies. I'd like to hope for the best in picking scenario "b".
For now I am just going to be Martha's friend and hopefully she'll gain my trust over time.

Strange Places Where Things Do Go Bump In The Night...

My bigfoot research ultimately led me to believe that something was going on in the woods and on farms that could not be explained by conventional methods. Many times I followed very fresh sets of 16-18 inch footprints left behind by an enormous being only to have them disappear in front of my eyes. Not in the literal sense that all of them just vanished but more that the tracks just cut-off (or stopped abruptly). The most memorable of these times was when I followed a set of prints into an alfalfa field. It was a most beautiful day, the sun was out and I was on the chase. Near mid-field the tracks suddenly stopped without warning. So imagine my surprise when I am standing there with gear in hand looking a quarter of a mile in either direction at wide open space.
It would seem that my culprit had floated off of the planet or levitated away by some unknown means. Once realizing I reached a dead end; I meticulously looked for other signs to see if anyone or anything else had been near the footprints. But NO. Nothing. Nada! Backtracking proved unfruitful as I realized that the creature did not reverse its path because the other prints left remained too defined and undestorted. So the creature did not back track to cover its where abouts. This incident occured near Valley, Alabama - a place that I learned later included a plethora of unexplainable activity ranging from bigfoot, UFO's to ghosts.

The second time I had these experiences was at Standing Stone State Park near Hilham/Livingston, Tennessee (a place noted for ghostly apparitions,spirits, strange lights and bigfoot activity). I was in the park near a creek bed that was outlined with grey shale rock. Upon stepping out of my vehicle I noticed a "single" freshly wet track on a rock surface. I had a camera and wanted to take photos. BUT, the camera did not work. I had charged the batteries to full capacity just an hour before. To my surprise just up an embankment a mere 25 yards away (approx.) stood a large, black hulk of a thing. It turned gently to its left and began to walk above me without care or worry. After many feet it stepped over a fallen tree trunk and vanished behind it. I gave chase once again. I figured if this was the last thing I'd see before it ripped me apart that it would be worth it! I got to the trunk, slowly peered over it.............nothing! Nothing but a gully full of leaves and skinny trees (also called sapplings). The creature had not been out of sight for more than one or two minutes. Where did it go? What skinny-thin tree could it have hidden behind? Once again, no footprints were found.

These episodes led me to believe in the paranormal bigfoot. What interdimensional doorways can these beings and others like them open? I do know that I am not crazy but I do realize that the bigfoot's world may revolve around many other similar dimensions of existence. I believe that special places such as the two areas mentioned earlier share if you will "portals" that allow someone (or something) who is in the right state of mind to travel in and shear will. I believe that there is a barrier in our modern human minds that prevent creatures as ourselves from doing so. Other notable places of interests that I believe exhibit these truly remarkarble dimensions and doorways are the Bermuda Triangle, The Oregon Vortex and so on. I do believe that "mini-sites" exists (not as grandiose and large) in our own back yards. Its our job to find them. It would be great to have two or three other individuals that shared my interests on this subject. That way we could research areas of high strangeness with more thorough investigations and document them along the way.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Haunted Ranch - Hunt, Texas

I watched an episode of Paranormal State last night on cable. Their team visited a ranch in Hunt, Texas that is supposedly haunted by all types of other unworldly phenomena. The strangeness included large shadows that lurk near the wood lines, dead animals turning up from time to time, orbs, curious howls and the like. This area reminded me very much of the book Hunt for The Skinwalker.

I believe wholeheartedly in weird places of this nature.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tuk's Blog Was Hacked??

I just went over to my good friend Tuklo Nashoba's Blog and the statement there says it was hacked. You know, "hackers" are individuals with no emotions whatsoever! Seeing his blog there sitting lifeless with no content reminds me of an incident that happened here over Christmas. Someone hacked into one of our local hospitals and changed everyones medication regime. Can you believe that? Change everyones medications. Heart patients were getting nonbeneficial pills, people were going into suregery when none was needed and the list went on. This individual done this for his/her/their own sick practical joke.

I hope you get you blog back up my friend.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Arrogance Among Bigfoot Circles...

You know, I started out with quite a number of friends in the bigfoot community. I started holding conferences in Tennessee then later one in Georgia and found that most of the time I inadvertently invited "arrogant ass*oles" to these events. Don't get me wrong, there were many individuals that I actually liked. But many ended up ticking me or someone else off due to the "know-it-all" attitude towards research.
After about the third Chattahoochee Bigfoot Fest; I came to understand a few things:
1.) Just because someone is "old" does not make them "wise!"
2.) Lifelong habituations on an individuals property DOES NOT make them an authority on matters of bigfoot.
3.) Bigfoot research cannot be done solely sitting in a car or truck!
4.) Every research stop-off point is not habituated with a bigfoot!
5.) There really are NO AUTHORITIES on the subject of bigfoot. For the most part, its all speculation (except maybe for Janice Carter's case).
I have chosen to exclude myself from any future conferences or festivals for this very reason. So how can we all escape this circus act? Do independent research.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Temperature of Caves...

I just found out that most caves around the world stay at temperatures between 50-71 °F. During harsh weather such as severe snow storms, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes or just heavy rain; caves could provide comfortable shelter for bigfoot-type creatures. With these comfortable climate conditions, it is conceivable that this may be why we do not see bigfoot more frequently at cerain times of the year.

European monks and Scandanavian Vikings also stored their "home-brew" or beer in caves to keep it cool and refreshing. Hence, when you travel to the United Kingdom, pub servers ask if you'd like a pint or a cup of "cave".

Icelandic Monsters?

Map of Iceland:
Several sea monsters cavort in the waters off Iceland in this 1585 map drawn by Andreas Velleius
Tales of monsters in Iceland go back as far its history. In ancient chronicles monsters were said to encircle the island destroying everyone attempting to settle it. When King Harald Gormsson of Denmark wanted to settle Iceland he sent a magician to assess weather it would pay off to send people to this isolated island. The magician encountered an army of monsters defending the whole coast line. He turned back reporting that the place was totally inhabitable thus ending further intentions of settlement.
In the 17th and 18th century reports of monsters were frequent, especially in the country side. The most common monsters were skeljaskrímsli (shell monsters) usually seen or encountered at the coast. These monsters were said to be the size of a large cow with their bodies covered with hard shells. Virtually invisible at the beach the only way to detect them was by the terrible rattling sound they made moving around. They were extremely vicious attacking and killing number of travellers and livestock.
One of Iceland’s most infamous monsters is the serpent of Lake Lagarfljot in East Iceland. It is Iceland’s equivalent to the Loch Ness monster annually drawing number of tourists to the lake.
Sightings of monsters have become rare in recent times but every once in a while reports are being made, especially by hunters and farmers.


What Do The Bigfoot-Type Creatures Eat?

This is a question that has arose on many, many occasions. Again I found myself over on another message forum (name of it withheld because it has become somewhat of a joke in the bigfoot community) that stated "giving the bigfoot horse feed, and oates with molasses". Geez! What philosophy. Are trying to give the poor animal the "shits?" In that same paragraph this individual recommended raw beef or pork livers (so much for reducing any parasite and microbial infections). I suppose these are viable sources of proteins that work well in one area (if cooked) but again we have a situation with "what works well in some areas....may not work well in others!"
It is the reponsibility of the individual researcher to perform trial and error with different food sources when trying to attract bigfoot-type creatures. I however would not recommend whole grains(at least not in their purest forms such as farm animal feeds). We are talking about a creature that may be closer to us physiologically than any other known animal. With that being said, what types of gastro-intestinal problems would arise if one of us were to consume large quantities of raw grain? Even molasses after about two teaspoons would cause severe diarrhea with any warm-blooded animal. So WHY do you suppose this individual would recommend such an "insulting" diet regimen for these beings? The answer is simple; they've never tried it.
So, that leads us back to the question. What will bigfoot eat? Don't insult the creature with a laxative first of all. Go into your research area and look around. Look up, look down and in trees and bushes. Find natural "eatables". Well what are eatables you ask? Start by analyzing food sources that you yourself could eat. Natural foodstuffs such as fish are abundant in most creeks throughout the world. You might then want to locate mushrooms, various wild berries, certain types of flowers, water plants, different bugs, yams or whatever. The list is too extensive. Offer these types of food for your experiment. It will however require the researcher to educate himself/herself on wild things that grow in their research areas.
To accomplish this, the researcher will almost certainly have to put down the two-litre Cokes, leave the armchair, keyboard and television behind and travel out to do ACTUAL research. If you can't go out by yourself, find a partner. There really is no excuse is there?

Desert In Maine, USA?

Yep. I ran across several websites while searching for information on another topic. Scientists claim that some 11,000 years ago (the Pleistocene Period) a glacier left behind sand and mineral deposits to form "The Desert of Maine". Check it out:

Bigfoot The Stupid Versus MAN The Smart...

Largely in part underestimated, bigfoot-type creatures are probably some of the smartest warm blooded animals on this planet. Who says so? I say so. There was a time when I went out in the middle of the night tossing out cookies, fruits and a myriad of other snacks in the hopes that these creatures would take them. Not once did I physically see one of these man-beasts take one of our treats. However, in some of the following days a few of us found empty wrappers and what not but really no proof that they ate our foods despite that they were gone. I can say that the bigfoot are fascinated with the packaging because more often than not, we'd find the colorful packaging neatly folded (and sometimes tucked neatly within the vine growing up the side of some large tree). Well what does that have to do with anything right? Well, for one it establishes that they are dexterous AND that they must have a thumb. Which in turn means that it is a thinking "manimal."
I was fortunate enough a while back to hear two or more of these creatures chatting with each other. The only way that I can describe what was heard was a gibberish akin to that of very fast Japanese. Many other researchers have described similar auditory encounters. So, this tells us that they have a language of sorts. Again this requires some degree of intelligence.
For my taste, the best form of intelligence that these creatures perform is "elusiveness" or covertness if you will. How does something described as weighing well in excess of 500 lbs. that is stinky and hairy dissuade the majority of the general public in to thinking it doesn't exist? This is truly a master cunning on this creatures part. in part, the bigfoot almost certainly will use the night to help conceal itself (themselves). But as with any animal of the night, darkness is not always available when movement is necessary. This can be witnessed with armadillos, opposum and sometimes bats just to mention a few who mainly depend on the cloak of night to meddle around for food sources. They bigfoot have to be skilled in covertness for day, evening and early morning. How many of us could perform this one task day in and day out without being detected? I think that this skill far outweighs any of their others.
I suspect that in bigfoot habituated areas(the place where rogue or family clans reside most often)that they are the kings and queens of their domain. However, what is the one thing that could wipe the bigfoot out? That's right! PEOPLE. These poor homins for whatever reason have chosen to remain just out of societies reach only to reveal themselves largely on whenever they please and not when we just simply want them to.
What's remarkable about this entire "shpeal" is that whenever our economy falls, when unemployment is at its highest level ever and when the people of this great nation are committing the nastiest of crimes just for survival; the bigfoot will go on with their lives as usual in the same manner that they have done for centuries if not millenia.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

John Hogue: A Modern Day Prophet?

Last week The History Channel aired the infamous Doomsday Week. A gentelman by the name of John Hogue was featured on several of the shows. This was the first time I had the priviledge of listening to what this man had to say and so naturally I went to his website. Over the years I have loosely followed the writings and so-called predictions of Nostradamus but my interests have peaked after listening to Mr. Hogue on television. Some of you may be scratching your heads saying "dude...where have you been?", Hogue has been around forever! But in all honesty, just last week was the first I'd heard of him. For those of you that are like me ;), here is a short biography of Mr. John Hogue:

John Hogue writes about Nostradamus with the clarity and interpretive accuracy of a kindred prophet. He uses his own gift of future insight along with the geopolitical savvy of a Noam Chomsky to unravel the complex issues affectng us today. Voices such as these are needed in our times. In 1987, John Hogue wrote the book Nostradamus and the Millennium. It sold 700,000 copies and was translated into nine languages.

Twelve books and 20 years later his understanding of Nostradamus’ coded texts, as well as his grasp of the art of prophecy itself, has deepened with experience, earning him the distinction of being hailed the preeminent authority on Nostradamus and collective prophetic traditions. Hogue’s documented predictive track record into the new millennium has achieved an accuracy surpassing 80 percent.

Whitley Strieber, host of the popular DREAMLAND internet radio show, said this recently about an interview he did with John Hogue on air:
It was a startling session with Nostradamus prophet John Hogue, in which he displays knowledge of details of the situation in the middle east that are worthy of a geopolitical strategist or a military analyst. An entirely new side to this multifaceted man.

PLUS, he explains the explosive Iran situation in terms of Nostradamus’ prophecies in ways that will at once chill and fascinate you.

Many of those writing about prophecy and Nostradamus in particular, cash in on the sensational nature of the dire, sometimes gruesome images of the future described in those prophecies. The author John Hogue doesn’t shy away from a detailed look at how the future could be dire and full of doom. But he continuously reminds us of how we can avoid these prophecies, changing the hopelessness that is often accompanying the idea of an unavoidable future full of doom into a realistic starting point for change. Changing the present, as he says, is the only and best way of changing the future, which indeed will change once enough individuals decide to become conscious and act consciously instead of repeating the past like robots.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is There A Majic Word To Attrack The Bigfoot?

I read a post over on another message board (and I'll not mention where); of someone asking if there is a "majic word" for calling bigfoot-type creatures in closer for viewing and observation by researchers. This is a good question and it utterly amazed me how "the bible" got worked into the responses to the individual's questions. But...that is another post within itself I suppose? Remarkably, TONALITY seemed to be given in most of the answers to the post in one variation or the other.

Tone is certainly a factor IF there is a majic word! However, other factors are being grossly overlooked with this individuals question. The word frequency comes to mind when trying to draw in relic homins. Frequency in that "the more you frequent an area, the more what is there becomes accustomed to you being there!" Really and truly, nothing haves to be vocalized. What if the researcher is deaf? What then? Well, the next factor is visualization. I have always known that the bigfoot 99.9% of the time will know of you are there long before you initialize any type of communication. If they are in the area, believe you me they have already spotted you (or smelled you). Visualization also ties back into frequency.

I personally had a group of bigfoot (consisting of 4-5) that recognized the sound of my vehicle rather than the sound of my voice (quite possibly, the clan recognized the shape and color of my car by "seeing"). When it comes down to it I think the answer to this individuals question will be......"Do what works....perform trial and error!" Methods that work for other researchers MAY NOT work for researchers in other areas of the country or world.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Zealand: Bigfoot?

I caught an episode of Ghost Hunters International the other night. The team went to the only castle in New Zealand to investigate a few hauntings by its prior owner. Nonetheless, they did capture apparitions on film and a few sounds but as I watched; I realized that I have never heard of a bigfoot sighting coming from NZ. Do any readers know if they have bigfoot legends? If so, do they have a name for our hairy friend?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuklo Is RIGHT!

I just got through visiting my good friend Tuklo Nashoba's Blog. His main article deals with the coming (if not already here) depression that we are about to face not only as a nation....BUT as a world. Let me ask anyone these question: "How many of you could build a campfire from scratch?" Can you plant, nurture and grow a garden? Will you be able to distinguish a poisonous plant from one that is safe to eat? When you become homeless; will you be able to find or build shelter?

If you answered NO to the above questions then you are in for a world of hurt. Because "my gut" as well as others such as "Tuk" knows instinctively that these scenarios will most certainly play out if we as a human race don't change the methods in which we do things upon this Earth. Tuk's article has inspired me. Beginning this week; I will take one day out of my week and live as meager as I possibly can. Perhaps in six months I'll move up to two days. I'll call it "training for things to come!"
I'll leave this article with a few points to ponder:

Despite what many believe and due to our pride and greed, the world is becoming a much warmer place environmentally to live
People are so "in love" with themselves that helping others has pretty much become a thing of the past
There have been more record storms in the last 10 years than in any other recorded time in history
Unemployment has reached all time highs!

.......something to think about