Monday, May 11, 2009

Shrinking Man (Cordele, Georgia - 1942)

It is remarkable how older people in their 70's, 80's or 90's are reluctant to speak of strange phenomena that occured with them in their younger days. An elderly woman named Flo relayed this unbelievable incident that happened to both her and her new husband in the summer of 1942.
Flo and her new husband were living in her mom and dad's home in the small, cozy town of Cordele, Georgia. Having been to and through Cordele on many occassions, the town is eerily reminicent of the town of Mayberry as associated with Andy Griffith. There's onlt two or three gas stations, maybe two supermarkets and just a few traffic lights. Most people produce peanut crops in this area and farmland combined with forests/swamps are abundant. Even to this day, the people live "simple" there avoiding the conflicts seen in most big cities.
Being 16 and newly-weds, Flo and her husband awoke one morning to witness a strange man standing in the hallway of their home. After both of them being frightened to death and trying to discover the intentions of the stranger through asking him questions, the man slowly made his way into the bedroom all the while not uttering a word. Once he made it to the foot of their bed he smiled. Flo noticed the man had extremely white teeth and black eyes (no whites were showing). He then walked to the bedroom window and "shrunk" himself to a mere one foot in height. The small man climbed onto a tiny bookshelf located near the open window, crawled out, jumped down and ran off in to the nearby woods.

I really do not know what to make of "Flo's" story but she seemed VERY genuine as she told it. I had no reason to think she was lying. If you have comments or have heard of similar events such as the one above, by all means...chime in!

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