Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sounds from The Ground Part II - LaGrange, Georgia 2008

Well, my good internet friend "Martha"(name protected), 87 years old sent me another email this morning. Last night her and her nephew were sitting on the front porch when noises in a field just beside the house began to eminate from the ground. At first they thought the echoes to be from that of a plane but upon further examination, by actually going in the field, revealed "foot vibrations". She stated in her email that once they returned to the porch from the field that a ground vibration literally knocked over their empty coffee mugs sitting on a table in between the porch chairs.
Martha reported the same type incidents just a few weeks back after running across this blog on the internet. She described the noises as predominantly producing a "hum" but with sounds almost akin to those of a bulldozer smashing rock and gravel. The episode occured for some 45 minutes and suddenly ceased.

I'd like to add once more that this type of mystery is not new. I have read about this in the book Valley of The Skookum by Sali Sheppard-Wolford and in Hunt for The Skinwalker by George Knapp and Colm Keller. This is truly a strange ongoing occurence.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Invisible Bigfoot?

I have been over on Mr. Nick Redfern's Blog titled Man-Beast U.K. He has an article there concerning the possibilities of bigfoot creatures becoming invisible. As strange as it may seem, this idea is nothing new in the realm of "bigfoot'in!" Anyone that has actively searched for hairy hominids ultimately comes across a set of tracks that are many in number and then dwindle in to almost nothing. In otherwords, the tracks seem to just fade away the further one follows them. On one occassion, I followed a set of tracks in muddy soil straight into an alfalfa field only to reach the middle of the field to find nothing. It was almost like the bigfoot floated off of the planet. The tracks just stopped!
On another incident, me, Wayne Murphy and Sherry Malin (both researchers from Tennessee at the time)came across a blonde bigfoot that was standing upright. Then it walked behind a large pine tree and disappeared. How does this happen? Is the cleverness in which the bigfoot hide their tracks far beyond our understanding? Are they beings that can play some sort of "Jedi mind-trick" on their viewers? Could they be extraterrestrial? Is it possible they travel through time portals? Maybe the archways and tree markers are much, much more than we think?
If you haven't read the book "Hunt for The Skinwalker" then you should. If you believe in George Knapp's story about the remote paranormal ranch in Utah (which I do) then bigfoot tracks appearing and disappearing become more sane theory if you will. This Uinta Basin ranch is claimed to have time portals, innerdimensional beings, bigfoot type creatures, UFOs, orbs and high poltergeist activities on a daily basis. I guess my last question would be "is there any other place or places like this on our planet?" It is conceivable that those type places could be in our own backyards...

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Gable Film: Dogman?

I ran across this as I know some of you did on One cannot say for certain if this is a bigfoot creature! In fact, it is very hard to distinguish this moving animal from being a man in a suit, a bear or gorilla filmed at a zoo. However, if you look closely at the start of the video where the thing begins to move; you'll see what appears to be a calf and foot connection. On another note, it is not out of the range of motion for a bigfoot-type creature to move in this manner. It is what bigfooters call "on all fours."

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays....

I'd like to wish all readers of this blog a very happy holidays. May the Lord be with you in your travels and family.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

UFO Crash In Columbus, Georgia - November 28, 2006

Actual photo above taken by a witness

On the afternoon of November 28, 2006, according to the Fire and Police Chief “several credible witnesses” stated that they saw “something shiny and bright crash into a wooded area directly behind the Pratt & Whitney plant just off US 80 (Macon Rd)” Scores of police, fire and at least one FAA official raced to the scene. (This account can be seen on the WTVM Channel 9 Columbus, Georgia website) The “search” was joined by “personnel” from Fort Benning, Georgia, the Georgia State Patrol and several “unidentified” personnel.”According to the officials, “…after searching for over 5 hours (including the use of helicopters) NOTHING was found”. In addition, the fire chief made a statement to a local news crew (on film) that…”sometimes people see what they think is something and it really is nothing….”

Several large tractor trailers were seen going into the area which had been contained by police. According to the local press, the witnesses (which are suppose to have been “interviewed” by the local Police on Wednesday the next day) all stated that something “crashed” and it appeared to be a shiny object traveling at high speed. Interestingly, the police, fire and FAA official stated on the next day that “neither the local Columbus Metropolitan Airport or Fort Benning Lawson Army Airfield radar had shown NO sign of ANY craft or object on radar at the supposed time of impact.

BUT I spoke to the head weather reporter for a local TV station who told me that his station has their OWN RADAR and they showed “something” striking the area at the approximate time given. I and another professional educator (both hold PhD’s) were traveling next to the Columbus Metro Airport at 1 PM the next day when we both saw a completely unmarked, white 727 aircraft.

As the plane taxied by us no more than 100 feet away my companion’s vehicle, lost all power, all gauges went dead, power steering, engine, everything and we glided to a stop. We both exited the vehicle thinking something mechanically major had gone wrong with his vehicle. At that moment the plane began to slowly pass us as it was taxing from the main runway. I picked up my cell phone to call a mechanic and found my cell phone to be dead. My companion’s cell phone was also dead. We both watched the plane as it went by us. Both of us are veterans and have traveled MANY times on 727’s. Almost at the same moment, we both spoke because we noticed that the plane had no markings of any kind…no tail numbers, nothing. The plane had a strange finish and almost looked (excuse the obvious pun) whitewashed. When the plane got about 100 feet from us, my companions car restarted with no apparent reason, or damage of any kind. In addition, both my and my companion’s cell phone came back on.

We are both academic professors and are empiricists. We have NEVER been involved in ANY such thing before. I immediately attempted to call the airport to inquire about the plane. I was connected (I don’t know why to this number) the fire/police crash station. I started to ask the man who answered about the plane. He rudely cut me off and stated, “that is a private plane, thank you” and hung up. Approximately 30 minutes later I called CSG Aviation and a young woman answered and I inquired about the plane. She told me “that was a government plane” I asked how she knew that and she said that “It had picked up SOMETHING which it loaded into its rear section and it also refueled, a man in a coat and tie came from the plane and PAID for the fuel with a credit card which had US Treasury and an account number on it.” She said that’s how she knew it was a “government plane”.

An additional call to the Airport admin office confused me further. At that time I was now told that, ” I was mistaken, that NO PLANE, much less a 727, had landed or taken off during the time period I gave”. When my wife got home, I told her of my encounter and SHE INFORMED ME about the “crash” the day before. I had not been feeling well and had not read the paper or seen the news.
I am trying to get the “witnesses statements” from the police. I FIRMLY believe that SOMETHING WAS FOUND AND RECOVERED and that it was taken from Columbus the next day in the STRANGE and unexplained “ghost plane” my friend and I saw. We have a huge military base here with its own airport. Logic states that if this was something military, they would of taken it to Fort Benning. I was also told that during the same period that “debris” was reported striking areas around Montgomery, Alabama which is 100 miles from here ((NUFORC Note: We have spoken via telephone with the source of this report, and he impressed us with his sincerity).

Comments: Again, I hate to beat a dead horse but, Columbus, Georgia is a mere 15-18 miles from Valley and LaGrange, Georgia which are seemingly becoming a “hot spot” for UFO(and other types) of paranormal activities. Could Ft. Benning, Georgia which borders Columbus, Georgia have something to do with it? Could some type of military testing of secret aircraft be going on at Lawson Field there? Secret hanger? Will we ever know? We’d be interested in hearing your input. If you were a first hand witness to the above story, then please chime in. I'll keep everything you tell me in the strictest confidence.

Investigators say cougar likely held in captivity…

By Tim Chitwood - The Columbus-Ledger Enquirer Newspaper–

A cougar killed Sunday in Troup County was so well fed it was fat and had other characteristics consistent with an animal that had been held captive, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said Tuesday. The cat weighed 140 pounds and measured 88 inches from its nose to the tip of its tail. State investigators said the male cat had a “very low parasite level,” an indication it had not been feeding on wild game.
The pads on its paws were also scuffed in a manner common to animals that have been on concrete rather than roaming the woods. This evidence is “consistent with a captive, reared cougar, not a wild specimen,” according to the Southeastern Wildlife Disease Study in Athens, Ga., which inspected the carcass. The DNR is emphasizing such findings because it occasionally gets reports from residents who say they’ve spotted what appear to be wild cougars roaming the woods.
DNR wildlife biologists maintain no wild population of the Eastern cougar or mountain lion remains in Georgia, and the nearest breeding population is in southern Florida, where the cat’s called the Florida panther.
The cougar was shot Sunday morning by deer hunter David Adams of Newnan, who was perched in a tree stand on U.S. Corps of Engineers land near the community of Abbottsford, west of LaGrange, Ga., on the Alabama border, the DNR said. Adams was hunting legally and violated no regulations by shooting the cougar, authorities said.
No longer considered a native species in Georgia, the cougar is not protected here as a threatened or endangered animal. Wildlife biologists examining the carcass found the cougar had not been collared or tagged; it had no tattoos; and it had not been declawed. The DNR said the nearest facilities permitted to hold cougars are in the Alabama counties of Elmore and Macon, where the permit-holders have accounted for their cats. So the cougar killed Sunday likely was released or escaped from someone who had it illegally.
Comments: We’d like to say that LaGrange, Georgia is in Troup County. Additionally, Valley, Alabama is just east of that township as well. It seems like this area has drawn an undetermined number of uneplainable events over the past two years. We know of a few individuals that reside in that area who have seen large, black cats which are not supposed to be in this part of the country.

Mechanical Sounds Coming From Underground (LaGrange, Georgia - c. Winter 2006)

I received and email today from an 87 year old woman we will call Martha. She described an event to us that occured on her farm near LaGrange, Georgia just before Christmas 2006. The witness described that she and her husband were standing in their medium size garden while here nephew was “tilling” it under. After about thirty minutes of the nephew tilling; he cut the contraption off. Just minutes after, the three heard and felt what they described as “heavy machinery” coming from underground. To be more exact, the witness described a low-level humming noise that accompanied the deeper sounding mechanical noises. This event occured near HWY 18 just 3 miles south of the city of LaGrange.
I have heard of similar incidences that have been reported with such locations as Skinwalker Ranch in Utah as well as a little known town in middle-America. Sali Sheppard Wolford (Autumn Williams' mother)also reported similar events in her not too long ago published book Valley of The Skookum.

38 Year Old Man Describes An Encounter With ET When He Was 6 Years Old…

We all know that 3-5 year olds have a remarkable imagination. However, this story submitted to our blog stuck with me because it happened at a time when your “typical alien" description was less prominent in pop sci-fi culture. The story goes like this:

I remember sitting one night on the side of my bed. I am not sure exactly what time of the night it was, only that the door leading to out side opened. There was a very dimm. gold light that shown into the door opening. I do remember that well. I was shocked when a small man with a giant head came walking in. The little man’s head had a tiny bit of hair going around it and I remember it being a red or blonde color. His face looked much like the aliens depicted in the movie Close encounters of The Third Kind. This particular little man did wear clothes that were purple in color and what reminded me of the now - “spandex” type materials. It also wore a small cape. I remember falling asleep and then morning arriving.

Mom thought I had a wonderful imagination the next morning when I told her my story

This story came from a man named “Joseph” living in Phenix City, Alabama which once again is very near Valley, Alabama. The man described no space craft of any type and we suspect that either the alien was simply observing the little boy OR the potential existed and he was abducted.

Valley, Alabama UFO - November 10, 2008

November 10th, 2008 around 4:00am seemed like any other morning for a Valley, Alabama delivery driver. While making media rounds, a 38 year old male witnessed a triangular unidentified flying object near Prince Bridge at Lake Harding. The object hovered over a lakeside residential area for some 35-40 minutes. The witnessed described the craft as “looking for something!” The vessels appearance was dark with the exception of what looked like two circular orange balls in what seemingly was the rear of the UFO.

The craft accelerated in speed to around an estimated 30 miles per hour until it passed behind trees and disappeared. Two mornings later around the same time in the a.m., the craft was again seen by the same gentleman. Once again, the craft appeared to be searching for something near the tree-line in the same near the same area.

Anyone with other information on this sighting may contact me directly at:

Man-Like Beast Encountered During UFO Sighting…

On November 27, 2008, a report came to us about a hairy, man-like beast witnessed while an actual UFO sighting was taking place. John Torbert(name protected) of Wadley, Alabama saw in the 2:00a sky two stars that converged on each other to form a single large, glowing object. The object glowed orange and lit up part of the woodline next to a group of trees. With the ground semi-lighted from the object, the witness and his 11 year old son saw pearing from behind a large oak what appeared to be a 7 1/2 to 8 foot tall hairy creature resembling what they called a “bigfoot!” Regretfully, no photos were taken because they had no camera readily available and once they returned with one, the entities both aerial and terra were knowlonger present at the location.
It must be noted that from time to time in the past; I received many reports(6 to 8) of seemingly other worldly creatures being present during an aerial encounter phenomenon. Bigfoot-type creatures are one of the most commonly reported when these scenarios take place. Is there a correlation between bigfoot and UFO’s? Are bigfoot entities from inner or outer space? Do they come from another place or possibly from another time? Based on the current understanding of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, it is possible that the creatures walk in a parallel universe (or time line if you will).

Report: Pike County, Alabama, October 15th 2008

My daughter was driving home a friend and I rode with her because it was dark and I was afraid of deer. On the way back home, I was watching for deer while my daughter drove. I thought I saw one 30 feet from the road in a pasture near a farmhouse. I said to my daughter "There's a deer.." and then "it" got up on 2 legs and ran toward the woods like a human, except VERY fast. It had silverish dark gray hair everywhere (there were sodium lights from the farmhouse not far from the creature). It was skinny, too, and I'm guessing it was 6-7 feet tall (crouched down, it was the size of a deer). It ran away from us parallel to the road and entered the woods at the edge of the pasture. My daughter was driving and didn't see it.

source: (The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization™ Website)

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The Chattahoochee Bigfoot Blog™...Not Just for Bigfoot Posts Anymore!

What can you expect from this blog? Strictly bigfoot stories right? - Wrong.
This blog will be publishing, republishing with permission and accepting new reports on bigfoot of corse but; we'll also be doing the same for encounters that center around such topics as UFOs, ghosts, apparitions, haunted places, alien contact and the more recently popular "skinwalker" tales. Actually, the strange topics that can be discussed limitless. I'd prefer to have encounters that have or are taking place in the State of Alabama but; I do realize that Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana are just three hours from me in either direction. So with that being said, it would be good to gather and investigate a few of those stories too as my time permits. Don't be discouraged by the previous statement! Stories from peoples in other states and parts of the world are most certainly welcome to report their encounters here.
On occasion, I may add a sighting from another website that is relevant to the topic being discussed. Sources and proper credits will be given from its origin.
If you have a wierd topic you'd like to post here then by all means send it via the email addy below. Your personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence. That's my promise to you.

Jeffrey A. Teagle
The Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization™