Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dogmen Warrior Bigfoot...

I spoke with my good friend Janice Carter (pictured above) yesterday and the topic of a "warrior class" existing within the bigfoot community arose. Now take note, I am not refering to the bigfoot community speaking of researchers and enthusiasts; I am speaking directly of the bigfoot themselves. Janice has been a center of attention for bigfoot activity all of her life but some greater head-way was made a few years back when she co-authored the book, "50 Years of Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence".
During one of lengthy conversations, the possibilities of bigfoot-type creatures having a "warrior class" built into their society arose in my mind. She stated most certainly that they did! Imagine that.
In fact, she said that they bigfoot warriors are akin to that of the Cheyenne Dogmen of times past. Also, that particular class of bigfoot doned themselves with face paint that was somehow mixed in a small vessel in the shape of an egg. The inside was hollowed out and the make-up applied with a skinnier more beveled stone directly to the face and body.
Additionally, she stated that they also used homemade weapons like flint-tipped spears, bolos, and the like.

Additionally, a rock found by Janice in Tennessee also depicts recently carved petroglyphs (see below). This could also help establish that the bigfoot have their own language but quite possibly archaic at best.

As much as I'd like it to be; none of this is shocking to me. Afterall, if we follow the concepts of bigfoot as being a forerunner to modern man, then them having a protective class within their society makes perfect since.

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