Monday, May 11, 2009

Bigfoot Sighting - Daviston, Alabama (May 2009)

Man living in Daviston, Alabama witnessed a bigfoot-type creature on May 4th, 2009. This is his account as he left it on our online report form (photo above NOT ACTUAL):

"Dear Mr Jeff,

I was outside on the morning of May 4 working on me tractors. I have 5 giant black cows. They were siting under the big tree next to my barn while I was working on my tractors. After about 30 minutes i realized that I had being seeing 6 black cows. When I stood up and looked out for a bit one of the cows stood up on two legs. Well. it was not a cow. It was dark black and hairy and was about 7 feet tall. it loooked like a man but with hair on it all over My boy found you website on the internet and we decided to tell you about this story. If we see anything else we want you to come and see it to "

I have not heard anything else from this witness; but I must say that I find it remarkable that a bigfoot would camoflouge himself among farm animals. Right in front of the witness above all things. I did email the witness back and tried to assure him that the bigfoot was probably just curious as to what he was doing (or working on). Though it is tough to tell by merely reading emails; bigfoot are not typically violent creatures unless you upset one or more of them.

Addendum (05.12.2009):

On the night of 05.11.2009, I was once again contacted via report form by "Zachary", the recently found to be 76 year old African-American man who witnessed a bigfoot seemingly laying with a small heard of black cows located on his small farm. He responded to an earlier email I had sent him. I wanted to know specifically what the bigfoot did once it stood up as he did not elaborate on this in his original report? It was really difficult for me to interpret what Mr. Zachary wrote due to run on sentencing, lack of puntuation, possible keyboard malfunctions and misspelled verbiage. But, I will attempt to re-write what he sent me just last night:

Mr. Jeff,

Once the bigfoot arose from the cattle, it stood there for a moment and simply stared at me. All of the while my dog was frozen at my knee side not making a sound. Not even a whimper! After some five to seven minutes of looking at each other, the thing(Mr. Zachary refers to the bigfoot as "a thing" throughout his correspondense because he could not determine if what he was observing was a monster or a man)casually strolled off into the nearby woodline. Once it got to the woodline, it took refuge behind a large pine with only its head peering out from time to time. It then walked further back into the forest until I lost sight of it.

Comments (05.12.2009):
I am trying to gain Mr. Zach's confidence so that he will allow me to investigate his farm in detail. I surmise that either 1.) He has had bigfoot near him all of this time but was unaware until a few days ago OR 2.) this could be the beginning of a genuine habituation situation.

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